• Why volunteer?
  • As well as increasing their confidence, patience and empathy, Nightline volunteers have been quoted as saying they also develop a wide range of skills transferable to the workplace such as active listening skills, maintaining confidentiality, understanding policies and working as a team.

    Having volunteered with an organisation like this is great on a college resume, and also contributes directly to a UCC Works Award.

  • Who should volunteer?/li>

    Anyone who wants to should apply and volunteer.

    You don’t have to be a major psych student to be a good volunteer :)

  • How do I volunteer?
  • If you feel you have what it takes to be a Niteline volunteer then please drop us an email at committee.uccniteline@gmail.com with the subject line VOLUNTEER.
    We will also have a stand outside the library during Freshers Week from 10-3 every day where you can sign up and we will forward you an application form by email.
    If you require more information on how to volunteer and what is involved in it please do not hesitate to ask any person you see wearing a Niteline t-shirt during Freshers Week and they will be more than happy to help, or alternatively you can contact us through our Facebook or twitter accounts (links are to the right)

    Training should start at the end of September. It is run by the Samaritans and goes on for six weeks (two hours every Monday)