Q: Will my phone conversation be recorded?

Not a chance.

Q: Will what we talk about become common knowledge around campus?

Not a chance. Niteline is completely confidential. What is talked about stays between caller and volunteer.

Q: Will I be judged based on what I talk about with Niteline?

Not a chance. Niteline is non-judgemental at all times. We give everyone the benefit of the doubt during our converations.

Q: Will all of Niteline know what I talked about with one volunteer?

No. It is all very confidential and anonymous

Q: How can I volunteer with Niteline?

If you feel you have what it takes to be a Niteline volunteer then please drop us an email at committee.uccniteline@gmail.com with the subject line VOLUNTEER.
We will also have a stand outside the library during Freshers Week in September from 10-3 every day where you can sign up and we will forward you an application form.
If you require more information on how to volunteer and what is involved in it please do not hesitate to ask any person you see wearing a Niteline t-shirt during Freshers Week and they will be more than happy to help, or alternatively you can contact us through our Facebook or twitter accounts (links are to the right)

Q: What will training entail?

Training for new volunteers starts at the end of September. Training goes on for six weeks, two hours a week. Every Monday from 7pm to 9pm with the Cork Samaritans. (but new volunteers will get more details in via email)

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us at any time, or you can even leave a question here

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